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ALEKS (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces) is an online tutoring and assessment program[1] that includes course material in mathematics,[2] chemistry,[3] introductory statistics,[4] and business.[5]

Rather than being based on numerical test scores, ALEKS uses the theory of knowledge spaces to develop a combinatorial understanding of the set of topics a student does or doesn't understand from the answers to its test questions.[6] Based on this assessment, it determines the topics that the student is ready to learn and allows the student to choose from interactive learning modules for these topics.[7]

ALEKS was initially developed at UC Irvine starting in 1994 with support from a large National Science Foundation grant.[8] The software was granted by UC Irvine's Office of Technology Alliances to ALEKS Corporation under an exclusive, worldwide, perpetual license.[9] In 2013, the ALEKS Corporation was acquired by McGraw-Hill Education.[10]

Subjects covered[edit]

ALEKS is available for a variety of courses and subjects that cover K-12, higher education, and continuing education, ranging from basic arithmetic and chemistry to pre-calculus and MBA financial accounting preparation.[11]


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