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ParadigmsMulti-paradigm: concurrent, imperative
Designed byCharles H. Lindsey
First appeared1977; 45 years ago (1977)
Typing disciplinestatic, strong, safe, structural
Implementation languageBLISS
PlatformMotorola 680x0, Sun SPARC
OSSunOS, Solaris, GEMDOS

ALGOL 68S is a programming language designed as a subset of ALGOL 68, to allow compiling via a one-pass compiler.[1] It was mostly for numerical analysis.


A compiler for ALGOL 68S was available for the PDP-11, written in the language BLISS. The multiprocessor version designed for the C.mmp[2] has been preserved at the PDP Unix Preservation Society archive.[3]

Charles H. Lindsey created another implementation of ALGOL 68, named ALGOL 68S, for Sun-3, Sun SPARC (under SunOS 4.1), Sun SPARC (under Solaris 2), Atari ST (under GEMDOS) and Acorn Archimedes (under RISC OS), c.f. Charles Lindsey's Home Page

Chief differences from ALGOL 68[edit]

The main differences between ALGOL 68 and 68S, as summarised from Appendix 4 of the Informal Introduction,[4] include:

  • No union
  • No flex, but strings are handled specially
  • No arrays inside structures (but references to arrays were allowed) and a similar restriction on arrays of arrays (multidimensional arrays are nonetheless permitted)
  • Limits on use of long and short to aid implementing on small computers
  • No heap
  • No parallel processing
  • Limits on the order of declaration and other small syntactic differences to allow one-pass compiling
  • No formats


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