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TypeArcade video game network system
Launch date2004
Platform(s)Arcade video game

ALL.Net (Amusement Linkage Live Network) is an arcade video game network communication system and digital distribution system made by Sega Corporation.[1] It is similar to the Taito NESiCAxLive game distribution systems and NESYS arcade network; the player smart card system is similar to the Konami e-AMUSEMENT system. It enables arcade games to be connected via the Internet, enabling communication battles, national rankings, and storage of play data,

Development[edit] was developed by Sega in 2004. It was created as a method of allowing players to save player profiles, player rankings, high scores, create online rankings and have competitive online play. The system was based on the previous created by Sega for Virtua Fighter 4 in 2001. Initially, the service was only available in Japan, but following a trial in Hong Kong in 2008, the service has been extended to other parts of Asia in 2010. The system has been rolled out to South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, China.

ALL.Net was further developed as ALL.Net P-ras to allow digital distribution of arcade games, as well as for software updates. ALL.Net P-ras allows profit sharing with the arcade operators, with Sega renting games for free, while the operator pays the cost of the hardware, with all revenues from players being split between Sega and the arcade operator.

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