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Allalom Music
Founded2001 (2001)
FounderSamuel Aaron Thomas
Defunct2010 (2010)
GenrePop, alternative rock
Country of originU.S.
LocationPortland, Oregon

Allalom Music was an American independent record label founded in 2001. It mainly released indie pop and alternative music. Founded in Redmond, Oregon, it had its headquarters in South Texas before moving back to Portland, Oregon in the fall of 2005. On January 15, 2010 the label announced their closure.


Distributed artists[edit]

Notable artists[edit]





  • Various Artists - Everybody Needs Love (AM-001, Spring 2004)
  • Various Artists - We Make Our Own Mistakes, Volume One (AM-003, Spring 2006)
  • Various Artists - TOMFest Sampler / ClerestoryAV split (CAVAM-001, Aug 2006)
  • Various Artists - Establishing The Anti-Establishment (AM-007, Summer 2007)
  • Various Artists - TOMFest Sampler II (AM----, Summer 2007)
  • Various Artists - TOMFest Sampler III (AM-D01, Summer 2008)


At one point in time Allalom Music owned and operated, a netlabel that offered full album downloads from various bands around the USA for free...this project never achieved the level of success they were looking for and the website was taken offline after less than a year. Two of the bands/albums from that project have been released as official CDs since the site went down.

All the albums available for download were designated "AM/LB-001", and they only got different numbers if they were released on CD.

Albums released on Loserbroadcasting[edit]

  • Anaphylaxis - Reverb EP (AM/LB-001, Spring 2005)
  • Stereo Deluxx - Pretty Time Bomb (AM/LB-001, Spring 2005)
  • Jared Colinger - The Darker Side of Happy EP (AM/LB-002, Summer 2005)
  • Seven Dynasties of Glass Children - We Are Pretentious, Who Are You (AM/LB-003, Fall 2006)
  • Seven Dynasties of Glass Children - The Fall of Vaudeville (AM/LB-004, Spring 2007)

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