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Alps The Bus
Industry Land Transport
Founded 1991
Founder Arcadio L. Perez
Headquarters Diversion Road, Bolbok, Batangas City, Philippines
Area served
Key people
Consolacion E. Perez
Services Shuttle

ALPS The Bus Inc. is a Philippine bus transport company based in Batangas City. with its credo, "Serbisyong Totoo. Tunay na Batangueño!"


The name "ALPS The Bus" is derived from the founder of the company, Mr. Arcadio L. Perez and his sons, thus A.L.Perez & Sons.


It started in 1991 as ALPS Express, a Single Proprietorship company by Arcadio L. Perez started with only one Japanese surplus bus unit, routing from Batangas to Manila and vice-versa. From that, they expanded with additional 3 units in 1992, then another 4 units in 1994.

Apparently, the growth has been a tremendous outbreak for ALPS The Bus when they are capable of buying brand new units (mostly from Columbian Motors Corporation, a local manufacturer of buses in the Philippines). More buses have been acquired, increasing the number to 51 units. The company has since then increased its service as well as its routes servicing Batangas City - Alabang - Lawton - Cubao and vice-versa.

Knowing the expansion, the company moved their location in a lot along Diversion Road, Bolbok, Batangas City. It has been leased for its official terminal.

In 2001, ALPS expanded their operations to Mindoro with the help of Super Cat Lines. ALPS also rented a terminal in Cubao, Araneta Center, as well as the terminal in another town, Lemery, Batangas.[1]

Today, their routes had reached from Manila, Batangas, Bicol Region and even to as far as Iloilo.[2][3]


These are their fleet as of 2016:

  • Santarosa Daewoo JetLiner BV115
  • Santarosa Daewoo Executive BH117H (available only for Bicol trips)


  • Santarosa Nissan Diesel PKB Body (Paired with FE6D Front Engine and fitted to PKB212N Chassis)
  • Santarosa Nissan Diesel UD Exfoh Body (Paired with FE6C Front Engine and fitted to SP215NSB Chassis and Paired with PE6T Rear Engine and fitted to RB46S Chassis/Long Wheel Based Type)
  • Santarosa Nissan Diesel SR620 NV Series (Paired with FE6C Rear Engine and fitted to JP251PSN Chassis and also paired with PF6A Rear Engine fitted to JA430SSN Chassis) and they used this model to re-body some of their Nissan Diesel EXFOH Rear Mounted Engine Units.
  • Santarosa Nissan Diesel JA450SSN Chassis and PF6T Rear Type Engine (Eurobus Body)
  • Yutong ZK6107HA[4]
  • Yutong ZK6119H
  • Yutong ZK6122HD[5]


These are their routes as of 2015[3][6]

Passenger Terminals[edit]

A Santarosa Jetliner BV 115, ALPS The Bus RJ Ross (R-727) heading to Batangas Pier

These are the terminals of their reach as of 2015[7]

Metro Manila[edit]

A Santarosa Nissan Diesel Euro, ALPS The Bus Consolacion (707), embarking for passengers

Provincial Destinations[edit]


ALPS The Bus is owned by the Perez Family in Dagatan, Taysan, Batangas and is led by the father himself, Arcadio L. Perez, from which the name ALPS was coined. He's the founding chairman and the former President and General Manager of the company, whose then succeeded by his wife, Consolacion E. Perez[8] following Arcadio's death. His children are also involved in the major operations of the company: Felix E. Perez is the Vice President for Operations and the Purchasing Manager. Lourdes Perez-Cleofe is the Corporate Secretary, who is also acting as SVP-Finance Executive.[9]

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