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Privately held company
IndustryComputer industry
Information technology
HeadquartersFremont, California, United States
ProductsServer appliances
Software defined networking
Computing clusters
Direct-attached storage
GPU cluster
Deep learning
Network-attached storage
Personal supercomputer
Storage area network
Data center infrastructure management
Open Compute Project
Converged Infrastructure
Big Data Hadoop
Parallel computing
High performance computing
Number of employees
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AMAX Engineering Corporation is a privately held technology company based in Fremont, California. Founded in 1979, AMAX specializes in application-tailored Cloud, Data Center, Deep Learning, open architecture platforms, HPC and OEM solutions.

Location and facilities[edit]

AMAX was founded in 1979, in Fremont, California, part of the Silicon Valley in the United States. The company has offices in California USA, Texas USA, Suzhou China, Shanghai China, and Shannon, Ireland.


AMAX designs and engineers customized platforms for data centers, cloud, big data, high-performance parallel computing and server-to-rack level OEM appliances. It offers prototyping and a manufacturing process, including custom branding of bezels, faceplates, chassis, and custom box packaging.



AMAX announced its product lines were upgraded with the Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 V4 family.[1]

AMAX launched [SMART] DC Data Center Manager, the premier out-of-band DCIM solution for high-efficiency data center.[2]

AMAX joined Intel Technology Provider Program as HPC Data Center Specialist.[3]

AMAX released its GPU Solutions and HPC Clusters, integrated with NVIDIA® Tesla P100 GPU accelerator for PCIe, powered by the new NVIDIA® Pascal architecture.[4]

AMAX announced its configure-to-order (CTO) service for security ISVs and startups.[5]


AMAX announced at IP EXPO 2015 show a deskside Deep Learning Engine from its Deep Learning product line.[6]


AMAX introduced the ServMax Open CloudServer (OCS) data center product based on the Microsoft Open Cloud Server version 2 specifications.[7]

AMAX announced at Supercomputing 2014(SC14) show the ClusterMaxTM GPU cluster and ServMax GPU server platforms with NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPU accelerator board.[8]

AMAX introduced a line of computing products the Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 V3 product family.[9]

AMAX announced the CloudMaxTM converged infrastructure product for data centers, based on OpenStack, featuring computing, networking and storage components. CloudMaxTM was awarded the Intel Server Innovation Award at the Intel Solution Summit 2014,[10] and Best of VMworld 2014 for Private Cloud at VMworld 2014.[11]


AMAX became a provider for the Open Compute Project initiated by Facebook.[12]


AMAX introduced a line of network-attached storage (NAS) appliances compatible with Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2012, and was listed as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner to provide these storage systems in North America.[13]

AMAX announced a cluster product based on Apache Hadoop named the PHAT-Data (Peta-scale Hadoop Analytics Technology), and was awarded gold as the Best New Product of the Year in Hardware from the Stevie Awards.[14] In a subsequent collaboration with Mellanox, STec, Inc. and Zettaset, AMAX added PHAT-Data 40G to the PHAT-Data Hadoop cluster product line which would be a performance-oriented Hadoop cluster featuring SSDs and 40G networking.


AMAX announced the AMAX CloudMax private cloud appliance developed for businesses.[15]


In 2008, AMAX introduced a line of high performance computing products based on the Nvidia Tesla Personal Supercomputer, with GPU technology. The systems were configured with Nvidia Tesla C1060/C2050/C2070/C2075 cards.[16] Other servers and cluster platforms available are configured with the Nvidia Tesla M2075/M2090/K10/K20/K40.


  • The security technology company McAfee awarded AMAX as their Supplier of the Year in 2010.[17]
  • AMAX's PHAT-Data Apache Hadoop Cluster was awarded Best New Product or Service of the Year from the Stevie Awards in 2012[18]
  • AMAX's PHAT-Data Apache Hadoop Cluster was awarded with the Innovated Solution Award from Ingram Micro's Systems ArchiTECHs in 2013.[19]
  • AMAX’s CloudMax Converged Cloud Infrastructure was awarded Winner of the Intel Server Innovation Award from Intel Solutions Summit 2014.[20]
  • AMAX's CloudMax Converged Cloud Infrastructure was awarded winner of the Best of VMworld 2014 for Private Cloud.[21]
  • AMAX was granted the Hyperscale Converged Infrastructure Product Supplier of Excellence Award for their CloudMax Converged Cloud Infrastructure Platform.[22]
  • SenseTime and AMAX Co-Developed Deep Learning Engine, SenseBox, wins 1st Place in two categories at the 6th annual ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge (ILSVRC2015).[23]


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