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Mission type Communications[1]
Operator GE Americom (1999–2001)
SES Americom (2001–2009)
SES World Skies (2009—)
COSPAR ID 1999-060A
SATCAT no. 25954Edit this on Wikidata
Mission duration 15 years (design life)[2][3]
Spacecraft properties
Bus A2100
Manufacturer Lockheed Martin
Launch mass 3,895 kilograms (8,587 lb)[2]
Start of mission
Launch date 13 November 1999, 22:54 (1999-11-13UTC22:54Z) UTC
Rocket Ariane 44LP H10-3[2]
Launch site Kourou ELA-2[1][2]
Contractor Arianespace
Orbital parameters
Reference system Geocentric
Regime Geostationary
Longitude 101° West(0°N 101°W / 0°N 101°W / 0; -101)[3]
Perigee 35,784.8 kilometers (22,235.6 mi)[4]
Apogee 35,803.2 kilometers (22,247.1 mi)[4]
Inclination 0.1 degrees[4]
Period 1,436.1 minutes[4]
Band 24 C band
28 Ku band[3]
Frequency 36 MHz
72 MHz (4 Ku-band)
Coverage area North and South America[3]

AMC-4 or AMERICOM-4, formerly GE-4, is a Dutch, previously American, commercial communications satellite.

AMC-4 was launched in 1999 as GE-4, GE Americom's fourth A2100 hybrid C-band and Ku-band satellite.[citation needed] The C-band payload was home to national television networks broadcasting to thousands of cable television headends. AMC-4's Ku-band transponders served the direct-to-home, VSAT, business television and broadband Internet market segments. These Ku-band transponders are designed to be switchable between North and South American coverages.[3] It was renamed AMC-4 after GE Americom was bought by SES and re-branded SES Americom. In 2009, SES Americom merged with SES New Skies to form SES World Skies. AMC-4 has been replaced by SES-1 in 2010. AMC-4 has been moved to 134.9° W, and currently has no FTA signals.

Transponder data[edit]

Transponders C band Ku band
Number of transponders & frequency 24 x 36 MHz 24 x 36 MHz; 4 x 72 MHz
Amp type SSPA, 20 watts TWTA, 110 watts
Amp redundancy: 16 for 12 18 for 14
Receiver redundancy: 4 for 2 4 for 2
Coverage: Caribbean, Canada, Central America, Mexico, United States
Beacon: 3700.5 MHz (V), 4199.5 MHz (H) 11702 MHz (H), 12198 MHz (V)
Typical Footprint · Frequency Plan

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