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For the ship, see USS Kestrel (AMc-5).
GE-5 → AMC-5
Mission type Communications
Operator GE Americom (1998–2001)
SES Americom (2001–2009)
SES World Skies (2009—)
COSPAR ID 1998-063B
Mission duration 15 years (design)
Spacecraft properties
Bus Spacebus 2000
Manufacturer Dornier
Launch mass 1,698 kilograms (3,743 lb)
Start of mission
Launch date 28 October 1998, 22:15:00 (1998-10-28UTC22:15Z) UTC
Rocket Ariane 44L
Launch site Kourou ELA-2
Contractor Arianespace
Orbital parameters
Reference system Geocentric
Regime Geostationary
Longitude 79° West
Perigee 35,777 kilometres (22,231 mi)
Apogee 35,796 kilometres (22,243 mi)
Inclination 0.03 degrees
Band 16 J band (IEEE Ku band)

AMC-5 was a geosynchronous satellite used for communications, located at 79 degrees west. It is a Ku band satellite operated by SES Americom. It was used by a variety of television customers, including being home to the CBS Newspath.[1] It was retired from service on 17 May 2014.

Payload & Specifications[edit]

AMC-5 Horizontial Transponders On Scope

Spacecraft design: Alcatel Spacebus 2000
Orbital location: 79°W
Launch Date: October 28, 1998
Vehicle: Ariane 44L
Design life: 15 years
Band: Ku band Ku-band payload: 16 x 54 MHz
Transponder type: TWTA, 55-watt
Transponder redundancy: 11 for 8
Receiver redundancy: 4 for 2
Coverage: CONUS, Southern Canada, Northern Mexico[2]


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