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The following is a list of AMD CPU microarchitectures.


AMD has not used K-nomenclature codenames (which originally stood for Kryptonite[1]) in official AMD documents and press releases since the beginning of 2005, when K8 described the Athlon 64 processor family. AMD now refers to the codename K8 processors as the Family 0Fh processors. 10h and 0Fh refer to the main result of the CPUID x86 processor instruction. In hexadecimal numbering, 0F(h) (where the h represents hexadecimal numbering) equals the decimal number 15, and 10(h) equals the decimal number 16. (The "K10h" form that sometimes pops up is an improper hybrid of the "K" code and Family XXh identifier number.)

Family number Name
Decimal Hex (h)
15 0Fh K8 / Hammer
16 10h K10
20 14h Bobcat
21 15h Bulldozer
22 16h Jaguar
23 17h Zen

The Family hexadecimal identifier number can be determined for a particular processor using the freeware system profiling application CPU-Z, which shows the Family number in the Ext. Family field of the application, as can be seen on various screenshots on the CPU-Z Validator World Records website.

x86 microarchitectures[edit]

Below is a list of microarchitectures many of which have codenames associated:[2]

Other microarchitectures[edit]

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