AMF Bowling 2004

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AMF Bowling 2004
AMF Bowling 2004.jpg
Developer(s)Mud Duck Productions
Publisher(s)Crave Entertainment[1]
SeriesAMF Bowling
  • NA: December 1, 2003

AMF Bowling 2004 is a bowling video game released exclusively for the Xbox in the US on December 1, 2003. Titled "PBA Bowling 2004" in its early development stages, the game was also slated for a PlayStation 2 release. The game has similar graphics and gameplay to Bethesda Softwork's previous PBA Bowling 2001 and its predecessor PBA Bowling 2 for the PC.


Aggregate scores
Review scores

AMF Bowling 2004 received mediocre to poor reviews from critics. GameRankings and Metacritic both gave it a score of 48% and 48 out of 100 respectively.[2][3] Hilary Goldstein, writing for IGN, called it "a budget title with no frills, weak animations, terrible character models, and a lack of visual pop."[5] Russ Garbutt of Xbox Nation magazine said that the game's physics and sound effects are realistic, but complained about "the pseudo-honky-tonk music, which makes players feel as if they're in the middle of a hillbilly bar or, alternately, the eighth circle of hell" and called the visuals "yawn inspiring".[1]


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