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AMGE-Caravane, also known as Association des Marocains aux Grandes Ecoles et aux Universités, is a French association of over 5,000 members dedicated to Moroccan students and alumni.[1]


AMGE-Caravane's main objective is to serve Moroccan students and young professionals before, during and after their studies in France, while:[2]

  • Helping students make thoughful academic and professional through informational and orientation operations[3] starting in Morocco and through their arrival in France.[4]
  • Giving fair and equal access to the Moroccan firms recruiting services, through the annual Forum Horizons Maroc job fair, as well as business meetings and interview sessions all year long.[5]
  • Gathering young Moroccans in France around issues making the headlines of the country, through conferences[6] and seminars[7] with national leaders and experts, as well as cultural[8] and social events.


AMGE-Caravane is based in Paris, and has branches in Lille, Lyon, Rouen and Toulouse.[9]


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