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AMI Entertainment Network
FormerlyAutomatic Musical Instrument Co.

AMI Entertainment Network is a company owned by the Gores Group that creates original video content and licenses music, sells jukebox hardware, and offers music video services and Tap TV narrowcast television channels.[1] Its history dates to 1909, when the Automatic Musical Instrument Co., began producing player piano rolls.


Automatic Musical Instrument Co. (AMI) was founded in 1909, making player piano rolls.[2][3] It remained focused on automated music and jukeboxes, eventually becoming the releasing the first digital jukebox with licensed content.[2] In 2002, the Harbour Group acquired Merit Industries, makers of Megatouch bartop gaming devices.[1] This division was combined with jukebox maker Rowe International—after it was acquired in 2003—[4] to become AMI Entertainment Network, an Internet-based digital content segment,[1] in 2004.[3] Megatouch, LLC was spun into its own entity in 2013 and closed in 2014.[1] At the time, AMI was described as creating original video content and licenses music, selling jukebox hardware, and offering music video services and Tap TV.[5] narrowcast television channels.[1] It acquired NSM Music Group in 2017.[6] In 2017, AMI was acquired by the Gores Group.[3]


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