AMZ Żubr

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AMZ Żubr
AA system POPRAD 01.jpg
AMZ Żubr P air defence variant
Type Infantry Mobility Vehicle
Place of origin Poland
Weight 15000 kg
Length 6.45 m
Width 2.45 m
Height 2.65 m
Crew 10

Engine N60 ENT C Iveco Tector
275 hp
Suspension Wheel
Ground clearance 0.7 m
600 km
Speed 100 km/h

The AMZ Żubr is an infantry mobility vehicle produced by AMZ-Kutno which is used by the Polish military. "Żubr" is also the Polish word for wisent. It was designed by AMZ-Kutno and began production in 2008. The standard Żubr variant, the Żubr MRAP, is based on the Iveco EuroCargo vehicle, which is produced in Poland.

The Żubr was designed for enhanced protection against land mines and improvised explosive devices. The vehicle's hull is V-shaped to deflect blasts. The Żubr is armored against 12.7-mm armor-piercing rounds and features a remotely controlled weapons station. The Żubr can carry 2000–5000 kg within the vehicle and can tow an additional 1500 kg. The vehicle is all wheel drive. It was designed to be and is capable of being transported by the C-130 Hercules.


  • Żubr AWR - abandoned version of reconnaissance vehicle for Rak module, to be replace by KTO Rosomak 8x8 reconnaissance version.
  • Żubr MRAP - standard troop-transporting armored car. Can carry 10 fully equipped soldiers.
  • Żubr WD - command vehicle.
  • Żubr P - Poprad variant for air defense; equipped with Grom missiles.
  • Żubr MMSR - Soła air surveillance variant; uses N-26 radar.


  •  Poland - 10 (8 on MMSR Soła radar and 2 on POPRAD missile system), 77 to be delivered (POPRAD version).


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