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AM Driver
AM Driver.jpg
Cover for unreleased North American DVD
Get Ride! アムドライバー
(Get Ride! Amu Doraibā)
Anime television series
Directed byIsao Torada
Written bySatoshi Namiki
StudioStudio Deen
Licensed by
Original networkTV Tokyo
Original run April 5, 2004 March 28, 2005
Written byKikou Konishi
Published byShogakukan
MagazineCoroCoro Comic
Original runJune 2004February 2005
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AM Driver, known in Japan as Get Ride! Amdriver (Get Ride! アムドライバー, Get Ride! Amu Doraibā), is an anime series created by Studio Deen. The series was created and directed by Isao Torada. The music was composed by Kazunori Maruyama.


In a future world, the earth is besieged by "bugchines" or destructive mecha. To turn back this menace, warriors called AM Drivers are trained and armed with special weapons. The AM Drivers constantly fight to protect the general public. The most popular AM Drivers get larger budgets with which they may purchase more powerful weapons and defenses.


  • Jenus Dira
  • Ragna Laurairia
  • Mary Fastia
  • Scene Pierce
  • Rochetes Kiss
  • Kook "KK" Karland
  • Dark Kalhole
  • Taft Krema
  • June Frum: A Member of the Puff Unit and Julie's younger twin sister, having her ponytail to the left side of her head.
  • Julie Frum: A Member of the Puff Unit and June's older twin sister, having her ponytail to the right side of her head.
  • Paf Shining
  • Gan Jardie
  • Gangrid Diglahze
  • Ivan Nyrguise



  • Opening Theme:
    1. "Silent Moon" by HIRO☆TAKAMI
    2. "READY?" by Kousuke Kujirai
  • Ending Theme:
    1. "Straight From My Heart" by Northern Bright
    2. "Second Stage" by Nasuka

Video games[edit]

Get Ride! AM Driver: Senkou no Hero Tanjou

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