AM Taxi

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AM Taxi
AM Taxi 2019.jpg
AM Taxi
Background information
OriginNaperville, Illinois
GenresAlternative rock, punk rock
Years active2007-present
LabelsVirgin Records
Mutant League Records
Associated actsLucky Boys Confusion
Ike Reilly Assassination
Company of Thieves
Michael”Miguel” Happoldt
Against Me!
The Replacements
MembersAdam Krier
Jason Schultejann
Jay Marino
Chris Smith
Past membersJohn Schmitt & Luke Schmitt

AM Taxi (formerly known as American Taxi) is an American rock band from Chicago, Illinois. The band was formed by Adam Krier, Chris Smith, and Jason Schultejann in 2007. After building a base in Chicago, AM Taxi was included on multiple US tours including Vans Warped Tour.

AM Taxi at a video shoot 2018 in Chicago

Band members[edit]

  • Adam Krier-Vocals/Guitar
  • Jason Schultejann-Bass
  • Chris Smith-Drums/Back-Up Vocals
  • Jay Marino-Guitar/Back-Up Vocals/Mandolin


AM Taxi was originally known as American Taxi but changed AM Taxi because their original name was too similar to the bluegrass group, Great American Taxi. The band was started in May 2007 by Adam Krier and Jason Schultejann of Lucky Boys Confusion and Chris Smith (Logan Square/15 Minutes Late). The trio wrote and recorded their first EP, Runaway Songs. Shortly thereafter, John and Luke Schmitt joined the band.

AM Taxi was signed by Virgin Records in April 2009. They produced their first LP, "We Don't Stand A Chance" with producer Mike McCarthy in Austin. The album was released on June 9, 2010.

As of March 2011, the group has split ways with Virgin Records. As of January 2012 Jay Marino (Ww Lowman, Miracle Condition, Buddy Nuisance) joined on guitar as brothers John Schmitt & Luke Schmitt parted ways from the band.

In 2013 and 2014 AM Taxi released back to back EP’s, “King of the Pond” & “Bastards of the Deep Blue Sea,” to be followed up in 2016 by the “Semi-Confessional” mixtape. Semi-Confessional was released initially only on cassette, but is now also available digitally. It is a collection of past EP releases, alt versions, demos, unreleased material, and collaborations.

AM Taxi released the album Shiver by Me on January 25th, 2019[1].


Runaway Songs (EP)

  • The Mistake (Burning Hot Girls)
  • Dead Street
  • Tanner Boyle Vs. The 7th Grade
  • Shake Rattle and Stall
  • Paper Covers Rock
  • Maps And Medicine

The Good, The Bad and the Fed Up (EP)

  • Fed Up
  • Charissa
  • The Mistake (Acoustic)
  • Champagne Toast
  • Girl Song (Flea Circus)

We Don't Stand A Chance

  • Dead Street
  • The Mistake
  • Fed Up
  • Charissa
  • Tanner Boyle Vs. The 7th Grade
  • Paper Covers Rock
  • Maydays and Rosaries
  • Shake, Rattle and Stall
  • Reckless Ways
  • Woodpecker
  • Champagne Toast

King of The Pond (EP)

  • Central Standard TIme
  • It's Only DuPage Wasteland
  • Chelsea
  • Sorry You're Sick

Bastard of Deep Blue Sea (EP)

  • I Don't Like Your Neighborhood
  • Reckless in the Moonlight
  • Frostbit
  • Seams

Semi-Confessional (Mixtape)

  • Reckless in the Moonlight (feat. Genevieve)
  • Enough to Feel Like Enough
  • Stone Cold Virgo (feat. Michael Miguel Happoldt)
  • Lets Continue to Dig
  • Epilogues (home demo)
  • Shake, Rattle, and Stall (acoustic)
  • Bored and Raised
  • Out on the Fire Escape
  • Cant Talk My Way Into You
  • It’s Only Dupage Wasteland

Shiver by Me

  • Saint Jane
  • Harpoon
  • Movie About Your Life
  • Swim Before You Sink (Short Time on Earth)
  • Fighting in Cars
  • L' patron
  • Stuck Around
  • Brandy Don't Let Me Down
  • Minute Alone
  • Shaken Over You
  • Warsaw Blues


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