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The[who?]AN/GSS-1 Electronic Search Central was a United States radar/communication system 1st fielded in the mid-1950s for Project Nike with a "medium-range, transportable radar set [used] as a search radar".[1] The Cold War central included a Western Electric "AN/TPS-1D radar and AN/TPX-19 interrogator system…in a fully enclosed shelter [with communications] provided by radio receiving set AN/GRR-5, radio set AN/GRC-9 and by three telephone lines".[2] An intercom system for the "four-man team" was within the shelter of "about 6 feet high, 6 feet wide and 12 feet long"[2] with a "personnel area [and] equipment compartment".[3]

As part of the Hughes AN/MSG-4 Antiaircraft Defense System, the team in the radar section of a battalion would use the AN/GSS-1 to provide radar tracks to the battalion operations center, e.g., the Raytheon AN/MSQ-18 Battalion Missile Operations System for command and control of (fire distribution to) up to 4 Nike fire control/launch sites.[4] An AN/GSS-1 was used in Germany as late as 1978[5] after being fielded as part of the AN/TSQ-73 Guided Missile Air Defense System.[6]

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radar site with 20' antenna


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    • The subsequent 1 December 1961 report has "Mr. Mears requested that the Radar Surveillance Central AN/GSS-lD System be included in the feasibility study" and:
      The AN/GSS-1 shelter was ...divided a partition comprised of three sliding panels [the] personnel area [and] the equipment compartment. Located in this area are the power supply (PP-674/TPS-ID), signal comparator (CM-36/TPS-ID), radar modulator (MD-144/TPS-ID), receiver-transmitter (RT-212/TPS-ID), antenna base (AB-2Zl/TPS-lD), and the azimuth-range indicator (IP-141/TPS-lD). ... The trailer--mounted gasoline engine generator set (PU-253/U) that supplies power to the AN/GSS-ID System is comprised of two gasoline engine generator sets (PU-107/U) mounted in a type M-105 two-wheel trailer. The PU-107/U generator has a 400-cps single-phase output of 118-120 volts, 10 kw, 104 amp (maximum) and a d-c output of 28 volts, 2.5 kw, 90 amp. The specification power requirement for the AN/GSS-lD Radar Surveillance Central is 7.82 kw at 115 volts, 400-cps a-c and 1.4 kw at 28 volts d-c. ... Technical Manual TM 11-1162 indicates that the AN/ GSS-1D equipment can be operated when the shelter is mounted on an M35 truck or M8EZ Cargo Carrier. It is assumed, however, that most of the time the shelter will be mounted on the ground, and therefore the Protective Entrance should be designed accordingly. The problems encountered are similar to those of the AN/TSQ-38 Helihut..."
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