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The AN/UYK-8 was a UNIVAC computer. It used the same 30-bit words and instruction set as the AN/USQ-17 and AN/USQ-20 Naval Tactical Data System (NTDS) computers, but could have two processors instead of just one.

Instructions were represented as 30-bit words, in the following format:

  f  6 bits   function code 
  j  3 bits   jump condition designator 
  k  3 bits   partial word designator 
  b  3 bits   which seven index register to use (B0=non used) 
  s  2 bits   which S (5bits) register to use S0,S1,S2,S3(P(17-13))
  y  13 bits  operand address in memory
  memory address=Bb+Ss+y=18bit(262144Words)

Numbers were represented as full 30-bit words, this allowed for five 6-bit alphanumeric characters per word.

The main memory was increased to 262,144 words (256K words) of magnetic core memory.

The available processor registers were:

  • one 30-bit arithmetic (A) register.
  • a contiguous 30-bit Q register (total of 60 bits for the result of multiplication or the dividend in division).
  • seven 30-bit index (B) registers.


On April 28, 1967 UNIVAC received a contract from the U.S. Navy for design, development, testing and delivery of the AN/UYK-8 microelectronics computer for use with the AN/TYA-20.[1]

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