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Industry Audio & Visual Solutions, Sports Marketing, Graphic Design
Founded Purchase (1997)
Headquarters Purchase, New York, United States
Key people
Jerry Cifarelli, President and CEO
Products Sports Venue Displays
Display Marquees
Sports Scoreboards
Sports Marketing
Graphic Display Software
Revenue $60 Million [1]
Number of employees

ANC, is a sports marketing and signage company based in Purchase, New York. ANC, a Learfield company, provides signage, design, and marketing solutions to sports, entertainment, retail, and transportation facilities. ANC’s product and service offering includes Light Emitting Diode (“LED”), rotational, and fixed visual displays; digital media software and control systems; signage operation and maintenance; marketing consultation; graphic design; and printing production.

ANC’s recent projects include the Seattle Mariners (largest HD video display in MLB); Los Angeles Dodgers (most pixels per square foot in MLB); Cleveland Cavaliers (largest center-hung in the United States); Fulton Center (largest digital media network in a New York City transportation center); and Westfield World Trade Center (iconic digital media network).


ANC was founded in 1997 by Jerry Cifarelli, current CEO,[2] and Alan N. Cohen, former co-owner of the Boston Celtics.[3]

ANC acquired exclusive North American rights to Space & Time rotational signage technology in 1997 and in its first year of operations, entered into an agreement with the WNBA to provide each team with all of its rotational signage. The following year, the Company added 19 new clients who would utilize courtside and back-lit fascia rotational signage. Today, ANC partners with more than 200 teams and venues in professional and collegiate sports.

ANC formed a technology division, ANC Technologies, in 1999. ANC Technologies developed FasciaSOFT, an operating engine for LED systems, permitting the company to debut the first 360° LED fascia signage in the National Hockey League. That same year, ANC Marketing was created to provide consulting services and assist clients with marketing strategies. ANC Marketing also helped grow sponsorship revenue streams by executing programs based on each individual client’s business. ANC Design was added in 2001 to create custom LED graphics and animations as well as meet its clients’ graphic needs created by their new LED fascia systems.

ANC directed LED installations and was selected to provide ongoing operational services for digital fascia and scoreboard signage at venues such as Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena, Minnesota's Target Center, Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center and Toronto's Air Canada Centre from 2002 through 2006.

During this time, ANC Marketing expanded into a national advertising sales division, including creating the basket stanchion arm advertising position.[4]

During the same period, ANC debuted a new LED operating software called VisionSOFT. VisionSOFT is the first 3D interface capable of controlling multiple displays through one console, and also capable of distributing uncompressed video to its displays, eliminating distortion. The VisionSOFT application also operates DLP Digital Courtside press tables, which during the 2005-06 season became the first courtside digital signage to be approved for an NBA event.[5]

Shortly after introducing digital courtside press tables, ANC expanded ANC Marketing into a national advertising sales division and formed a manufacturing relationship with Mitsubishi Electric. Following its new relationship with Mitsubishi, the company has completed large LED signage projects such as the Washington Nationals’ new ballpark, Washington D.C.’s Verizon Center and Portland’s Rose Garden.

The VisionSOFT application also operates DLP Digital Courtside press tables, which during the 2005-06 season became the first courtside digital signage to be approved for an NBA event. Shortly after introducing digital courtside press tables, ANC expanded ANC Marketing into a national advertising sales division. ANC Sports then debuted new LED and DLP II Courtside Signage Systems in the NBA and NCAA.

VisionSOFT was selected to operate the LED display system at Pittsburgh's Consol Energy Center in 2010.[6] ANC renovated Fenway Park with a high-definition video display system in 2011.The year has also been one of firsts as ANC installed and operated LED signage around the perimeter of a tennis court for the first time during a professional event in the United States[7] and provided digital signage for the Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo in Oklahoma.[8] ANC also collaborated with The Caesars Tribute to the Golden Age of Ice Skating held in Atlantic City, in 2010, providing the digital signage along the rim of the ice.[9]

In 2012 ANC’s VisionSOFT was named as finalist to international Stadium Business Awards.[10] Additionally,in 2012, ANC installed the largest end zone LED video screens in the world at LP Field[11] and designed a unique1080p rectangular center-hung scoreboard with the Indiana Pacers.[12] In 2013, ANC installed new hexagonal video screens with the Los Angeles Dodgers[13] and integrated the largest high-definition video screen in baseball with the Seattle Mariners.[14]

Recent projects[edit]

Seattle Mariners-2013[15]

ANC integrated a new Panasonic video screen into Safeco Field for the start of the 2013 Major League Baseball Season. This video display is the largest in Major League Baseball measuring approximately 56-feet high by 201-feet wide,covering more than 11,256 square feet. The 1080 x 3840 screen resolution features new surface mount (SMD) LED technology and includes over 4 million physical pixels. ANC added an LED scoreboard measuring approximately 11 feet wide by 12 feet high in the outfield. The signage is operated through ANC’s VisionSOFT.

LA Dodgers- 2013[16]

ANC integrated two new hexagonal10mm surface mount video screens featuring the highest pixel densities in Major League Baseball to start the 2013 season at Dodger Stadium. The new hexagonal shaped displays measure 77.69 feet wide with varying degrees of height. In the center, the video screens are approximately 38 feet high while the ends of the screens measure approximately 24 feet high. The video screens feature an active viewing area of approximately 2488 square feet. The displays are operated by ANC’s VisionSOFT. The new scoreboard structures also feature a 10mm LED strip measuring approximately 6’ high by 69’ wide beneath each video screen. ANC also installed two outfield video wall displays, each measuring approximately 6 feet high by 61 feet wide and an LED ribbon system along the club fascia that runs for 1121 feet.

Indiana Pacers-2012[17]

ANC & the Indiana Pacers debuted a unique slightly curved center-hung design featuring twin 6mm LED high definition (HD)1080p video screens, each measuring 50 feet long- extending nearly foul line to foul line - by 21 feet high, driven by ANC's VisionSOFT™ operating system. The new structure weighs approximately 45,000 lbs and also features two end line facing video displays which measure 25' wide by 14' high, more than double the size of the old center-hung video displays. ANC spearheaded the engineering, installation and operation of the new scoreboard, which is complemented by two new end zone LED matrix displays placed above the upper deck measuring 23' wide by 10'high.

Tennessee Titans-2012[18]

ANC partnered with the Tennessee Titans to enhance the fan experience at LP Field through the integration of over 24,000 square feet of active LED signage for the 2012 season. The new video system is highlighted by two new ANC LED video screens, each measuring 54’ wide by 157’ high, which are the largest end zone video displays and the second largest displays in the National Football League. Through a ten-year partnership with the Titans, ANC creates content and operates the display system driven by ANC’s VisionSOFT.

Brigham Young University- 2012[19]

ANC installed two high-definition video screens measuring 35 feet high by 50 feet wide at LaVell Edwards Stadium in 2012. In addition to the video screens LaVell Edwards Stadium has more than 950feet of ANC’s 25mm LED ribbon. Approximately 240 feet of LED ribbon will flank both sides of each scoreboard, running across the top of the stadium. These displays will measure approximately four feet tall and will provide the stadium with real-time statistics, energetic animations, University branding and sponsor acknowledgements. The display system is operated through ANC’s VisionSOFT.

Boston Red Sox - 2011[20]
ANC installed three new Diamond Vision video screens for the 2011 MLB season.[21] Driven by ANC's patent-pending VisionSOFT operating system, the new displays will allow for more content at the ballpark, including any number of formats such as full-screen live video, game action accompanied by real-time statistics, sponsor graphics partnered with the box scores or any combination of visuals and game information.[22]

Seattle Mariners - 2011[23]
ANC replaced a series of static sponsor signs and old-fashioned incandescent light matrix boards at Safeco Field with state-of-the-art LED boards. The new boards are on the fascia of the Wells Fargo Terrace Club stretching from the edges of the Press Box down the first and third base lines, and above the Lower Outfield Reserved seats in right field. They will utilize ANC's patent-pending VisionSOFT technology.[24] This is the second project in which the Mariners partners with ANC. Prior to the 2010 season, ANC installed a new out-of-town scoreboard.

Penn State University Rec Hall - 2010[25]
ANC installed two new Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision video screens at Penn State University’s Rec Hall, home of the Nittany Lion gymnastics, volleyball and wrestling teams. Previously, ANC installed LED systems at the University’s Beaver Stadium and the Bryce Jordan Center.[26] The displays will feature dynamic animations, team logos, crowd prompts, animated team introductions, student athlete videos and real-time statistics.[27]

Miami Heat - 2010[28]
ANC installed two 30-foot 6mm Diamond Vision™ LED Modules at the courtside level and four 16mm Mitsubishi Diamond Vision™ LED Modules, each measuring approximately 8.4 feet in height by 14.9 feet in width, which served as the corner displays. The courtside displays are featured on both the camera visible and opposite sides of the court. The Heat also employ ANC's VisionSOFT operating system to allow for control of displays inside and outside of American Airlines Arena.

Indiana Pacers - 2010[29]
ANC installed and operates over 1000 feet of animated 20mm Diamond Vision ribbon board around the entire upper fascia of Conseco Fieldhouse, between the second and third levels. Additionally, ANC replaced the current rotational signage at the top of the center-hung scoreboard with 16mm Diamond Vision matrix displays measuring approximately 15 feet wide by 4 feet high.

Xavier University Cintas Center - 2010[30]
ANC installed a new light emitting diode signage (LED) system at the Cintas Center, Xavier University’s multipurpose sports and entertainment arena. The signage system is highlighted by a center-hung scoreboard which features eight LED video displays and a 42’ long circular LED ribbon. Four Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision™ 10mm video screens measuring 7' 9" high by 10'10" make up the center-hung scoreboard. Additionally, the structure features four 3' 6" high by 10' 5" wide scoring matrix which are capable of seamlessly transitioning from real-time statistics to vibrant full motion animations. [31]

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