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ANSI C12.20 is an ANSI standard that describes an American National Standard for Electricity Meters - accuracy and performance.

The C12.20 standard established the physical aspects and performance criteria for a meter's accuracy class. It supersedes certain details in ANSI C12.1 and ANSI C12.10.

The existing ANSI accuracy classes for electric meters are:

  • Class .5 - having ± 0.5% accuracy.
  • Class .2 - having ± 0.2% accuracy.

Outside North America, IEC standards are used for electric meters.

See also[edit]

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  • ANSI C12.10, American National Standard for Physical Aspects of Watthour Meters.
  • ANSI C12.1, American National Standard for Electric Meters, Code for Electricity Metering

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