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ANT+[1] (pronounced ant plus) is a sub-system of the base ANT protocol (a proprietary wireless technology) designed and marketed by the ANT+ Alliance, a division of Dynastream Innovations Inc.[2] It encourages interoperability and open-access to data between manufacturers of "smartphones, bike computers, diagnostics, power meters, heart rate monitors, remote control systems, etc."[1][citation needed]


ANT+ is designed for the interoperable collection and transfer of sensor data as well as the integration of remote control systems such as indoor lighting, phone or television control, etc. Targeted markets include fitness monitoring, general medical data collection, home care, sport, and wellness. It can also be used for data-transfer for a number of devices:[3][4][5][citation needed] Currently ANT+ is implemented on more than 35 applications, produced by over 27 different manufacturers.[6][citation needed]:::

Some applications:

ANT+ Alliance[edit]

The ANT+ Alliance is organized by Dynastream Innovations Inc, a subsidiary of Garmin Ltd.[citation needed]


The ANT+ Alliance certifies devices to ensure interoperability through compliance to device profiles. Each device profile has an icon which may be used to visually match interoperable devices sharing the same device profiles.[8][citation needed]

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