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The ANZAC Battle Group was an Australian-led battle group deployed to Timor Leste as part of Operation Astute. The battle group was established in September 2006 and comprised several rifle companies, including a company from the New Zealand Army, and sub-units of other Australian Army units.


As at June 2009 there have been six rotations of the ANZAC Battle Group.

First Rotation[edit]

Second Rotation[edit]

Third Rotation[edit]

The Battle Group was renamed Battle Group Samichon for this rotation

  • Headquarters, 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment
    • Three rifle companies from 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment
    • Bravo Company, 2nd/1st Battalion, Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment
    • Administration Company, Royal Australian Regiment
    • Mechanised Platoon, 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment
    • Elements, 4th Field Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery
    • Elements, 1st Military Police Battalion
    • Elements, 3rd Combat Engineer Regiment, Royal Australian Engineers
    • Elements, 3rd Combat Service Support Battalion
    • Elements, B Squadron, 5th Aviation Regiment
    • Troop, 1st Aviation Regiment

Fourth Rotation[edit]

Fifth Rotation[edit]

The Battle Group was renamed Battle Group Tiger for its rotation.

Elements included, but were not limited to:

Sixth Rotation[edit]

TLBG-VI was made up of elements from 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment.