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Type Assault rifle
Place of origin Soviet Union
Production history
Designer Sergei Simonov
Designed 1962–1965
Variants AO-31 (7.62×39mm)
AO-31-5 (5.45×39mm)
AO-31-6 (7.62×39mm)
AO-31-7 (caseless)
Cartridge 5.45×39mm, 7.62×39mm, Caseless
Caliber 5.45mm, 7.62mm
Action Gas-operated
Feed system 30-round detachable box magazine
Sights Iron sights

The AO-31 was a Soviet fully automatic assault rifle chambered for the 5.45×39mm and 7.62×39mm rounds, developed from 1962 to 1964.[1] The weapon is Simonov's adaption of the AK-47 as a result of its reliability.


AO-31-7 was a caseless variant of the AO-31 assault rifle.[2]

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