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AOK Kerkyra
Full nameΑθλητικός Όμιλος Κασσιόπης ΠΑΕ Κέρκυρα
(Athletic Union of Kassiopi PAE Kerkyra)
Nickname(s)I Feakes (The Phaeaces)
Short nameAOK
Founded1969–2013 (AO Kerkyra)
1984–2013 (AO Kassiopi)
2013–present (AOK PAE Kerkyra)[1]
GroundKerkyra Stadium
OwnerThanasis Issaris
ChairmanGiorgos Zarkadas
ManagerAnastasios Theos
LeagueSuper League 2
2018–19Football League, 9th
WebsiteClub website
Current season

AOK PAE Kerkyra (Greek: ΑΟΚ ΠΑΕ Κέρκυρα),[2][3][4] is a professional association football club based in Corfu, Greece. The club plays in the Super League 2, the second tier of Greek football, following change of the league structure in 2019. It plays its home matches at Kerkyra Stadium. The club was founded in 2013 following a merger between AO Kerkyra and AO Kassiopi.


Athlitikos Omilos Kerkyra (Athletic Club of Kerkyra), or AO Kerkyra, was founded in 1969. For many years the club played in the local championship of Corfu. But in the season 1988–89 it played in Gamma Ethniki. In 2002 the club was promoted to Beta Ethniki and in the season 2004–05 it played in A Ethniki (Super League) for the first time in history. The club played 5 times totally in A Ethniki, the seasons 2005, 2007, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Athlitikos Omilos Kassiopi (Athletic Club of Kassiopi), or AO Kassiopi, was the football club of the village Kassiopi in north-east Corfu. The club was founded in 1984 and in 2012, it became champion of Delta Ethniki Group 5 and was promoted to Football League 2 for the first time in history.[5] The next season it was finished in the third place of the championship of football (League 2 2012–13) and promoted to Football League (second division).

In the same season (2012–13) Kerkyra was relegated from Super League to Football League. On account of a lot of debts, Kerkyra couldn't play in the professional league of Football League. So the owners of the historical club of Corfu agreed with the owners of Kassiopi for the merge of two clubs in order to Kerkyra continue its presence in professional leagues without debts.[6] The intention was the new club to be named PAE Kerkyra but the court approved of the name PAE AOK Kerkyra.[3][4]

Kerkyra was dismissed by Super League and automatically got relegated to Football League as they were accused and proved to commit fake transfer of shares. Kerkyra was given the last position on the league table. Next season Kerkyra got 2nd place and gained promotion into Super League along with the 1st place team AEL.[7][8]

Crest and colours[edit]


The emblem of the club is similar with the seal of the flag of the municipality of Corfu, an ancient Greek ship, a symbol of the island. That ancient Greek ship is the quadriceps trireme and symbolizes the power of the Phaeacians navy in antiquity.


Their colours are also the same; black and white.


Kerkyra's stadium was built in 1961. It is located in Garitsa, in the city of Corfu. The stadium is on the southern side of the city, next to the entrance to the airport. The stadium is part of Corfu's National Athletic Center (EAC). It has two stands, one large west and one smaller east, built in 1973. Chrysopatas was first placed in 1983. Since then, for 20 years, a few have changed. In 2003, headlamps were installed, while in 2005 all platforms were covered with plastic seats. The construction of the shelter over the big stand was made in 2007. The erection of an extra metallic pit on the northern horseshoe is a work that has been carcassing for many years. In 2010, a 200 seat slot was delivered as a temporary solution, but it is basically not used (no tickets are issued for it). The capacity of the new petal is projected to be 1,230 seats, though when completed.

  • Built in 1961
  • Capacity of 2,685 (all seated)
  • Biggest attendance 5,000 (Kerkyra vs PAS Giannina in 1974)


Current squad[edit]

As of 25 January 2019[9]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Greece GK Christos Athanasopoulos
2 Greece DF Dimitrios Sandravelis
4 Greece DF Dimitris Chantakias (on loan from Panetolikos)
6 Greece MF Nikos Kritikos
7 Greece FW Konstantinos Georgakopoulos
9 Brazil FW Thuram (vice-captain)
10 Greece MF Panagiotis Zorbas
11 Greece FW Stelios Kritikos
12 Greece FW Savvas Siatravanis
13 Greece GK Fotis Koutzavasilis (3rd captain)
14 Greece DF Alexandros Kouros
17 Greece DF Spyros Spinoulas
19 Greece FW Alexandros Kontos
20 Greece FW Georgios Apostolidis
21 Greece DF Antonis Anastasiou
No. Position Player
22 Brazil MF Bruno Mota
23 Greece FW Giannis Pasas
24 Greece DF Giannis Ioannou (captain)
27 Greece MF Panagiotis Linardos
31 Greece FW Antonis Gerekos
33 Greece DF Dimitrios Theodorakis
44 Greece DF Panagiotis Panagiotidis
66 Greece GK Nikolaos Voutselas
77 Albania FW Emiljano Vila
83 Bosnia and Herzegovina MF Branislav Nikić (4th captain)
88 Brazil MF Queven
96 Greece FW Klinton Noka
97 Greece FW Markeljan Misku
99 Greece DF Konstantinos Vlachos

Technical team[edit]

  • Manager: Dimitrios Spanos
  • Assistant manager: Petros Stoilas
  • General manager: Alexandros Analytis
  • Physical trainer: Sotiris Vino
  • Goalkeeping coach: Christos Vasalos
  • Technical manager: Tasos Venetis
  • Doctor: Alekos Koskinas
  • Physical therapist – sports Rrehabilitator: Argyris V. Rapsomanikis
  • Physical therapy assistants:
    1. Vasilis Pouloumpis
    2. Akis Ilias
    3. Aggelos Polymeris

Note: A' National = Super League, B' National = Football League, C' National = Football League 2



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