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AOL RED was a version of AOL designed specifically for those between ages of 13 and 19. They claimed the content to be "edgier" than Kids' AOL (KOL) which was originally known as Kids Only, designed for all users below 12, but still filtered to be appropriate for those not yet legal adults.


The "areas" of AOL RED [were] as follows:

  • Fire Child Multiplayer
  • Main- An overview of current events, with often witty comments.
  • Entertainment- Celebrity news and "gossip"
  • Games- Game reviews and news anout upcoming game products.
  • Style- Fashion trends and style suggestions for upcoming holidays or dances.
  • Lounge- Chat, Blogs, Message Boards, and online Games
  • College- College resources
  • Aim Pages- Somewhat similar to Myspace profiles
  • Photos- Celebrity photos.

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