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APF Imagination Machine (logo).png
Manufacturer APF Electronics Inc
Type Home video game console
Generation Second generation
Retail availability 1978
Media Cartridges

The APF Microcomputer System[1] is a second generation 8-bit cartridge-based home video game console released in 1978 by APF Electronics Inc. The console is often referred to M-1000 or MP-1000, which are the two model numbers of the console. The controllers are non-detachable joysticks which also have numeric keypads. The APF-MP1000 comes built-in with the game Rocket Patrol. The APF-MP1000 is a part of the APF Imagination Machine.

It is the successor to the APF TV Fun line of first generation consoles.

Technical specifications[edit]

  • CPU : Motorola 6800 (8 bit) @ 3.579 MHz
  • RAM : 1 KB
  • Palette : 8 colors
  • Resolution : 256x192
  • Power Supply: 7.5 V AC 0.8 A or 12 V DC 0.5 A

Cartridge list[edit]

Some APF-M1000 games
  • MG1008 Backgammon
  • MG1006 Baseball
  • MG1007 Blackjack
  • MG1004 Bowling/Micro Match
  • MG1012 Boxing
  • MG1005 Brickdown/Shooting Gallery
  • MG1009 Casino I: Roulette/Keno/Slots
  • MG1001 Catena
  • MG1003 Hangman/Tic Tac Toe/Doodle
  • MG1011 Pinball/Dungeon Hunt/Blockout
  • Built-In Rocket Patrol
  • MG1013 Space Destroyers
  • MG1010 UFO/Sea Monster/Break It Down/Rebuild/Shoot


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