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APM, apm, or Apm may refer to:


Computer technology[edit]


  • Accurate Pistonic Motion, a line of stereo speakers using square drivers manufactured by Sony
  • ArduPilotMega (APM), an open source unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platform
  • Attached Pressurized Module, the former name of the Columbus module of the International Space Station
  • Automated people mover, a driverless train often used in large airports

Social sciences and management[edit]

Police and military[edit]

Organizations and companies[edit]

United States[edit]


  • Apm, Hong Kong, a shopping centre and office tower in Kwun Tong, New Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Beijing apm, a shopping center and office tower in Beijing, China

United Kingdom[edit]


  • APM Terminals, container terminal operator based in the Netherlands