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ARA Audio Random Access is an extension for audio plug-in interfaces like AU, VST and RTAS developed by Celemony together with PreSonus. With ARA, the DAW and plug-in can exchange information about the audio file, tempo, pitch, and rhythm, not only in the moment of playback but for the whole song. The transfer of audio material to Melodyne isn't required anymore.[1]

ARA was published in 2011.[2] Melodyne editor, assistant and essential (Version 1.3 or later) are ARA-compatible. The first DAWs that implement ARA are PreSonus Studio One (Version 2 or later), Cakewalk Sonar (Version X3 and later) and Samplitude Pro X (Version 3 and later). To allow other DAW manufacturers to support ARA, a Software Development Kit has been published by Celemony.[3]


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