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The Seventh Australian Recording Industry Association Music Awards (generally known as the ARIA Music Awards or simply The ARIAS) was held on 14 April 1993 at the Entertainment Centre in Sydney.[1][2][3] Host, Richard Wilkins, was assisted by presenters, James Reyne, Elle Macpherson, Billy Birmingham, Tim Finn, Neil Finn and Daryl Somers to distribute 24 awards.[1] There were live performances and the awards were televised.[1]

In addition to previous categories, a "Special Achievement Award" was presented to former Countdown host and music commentator Ian "Molly" Meldrum who provided one of the longest acceptance speeches in ARIA history.[1][4] The ARIA Hall of Fame inducted: Peter Allen and Cold Chisel.[1]

Ceremony details[edit]

At the 1991 ceremony Gary Morris, manager for Midnight Oil, provided a 20-minute acceptance speech.[4] Former Countdown host and music commentator, Ian "Molly" Meldrum, disapproved of Morris' speech length—they had already had a fracas at the ARIAs in 1988—Meldrum provided one of the longest acceptance speeches in ARIA history for his "Special Achievement Award".[4]


Nominees for most awards are shown, in plain, with winners in bold.[1][2]

ARIA Awards[edit]

Fine Arts Awards[edit]

Artisan Awards[edit]

  • Engineer of the Year
    • Greg Henderson – Yothu Yindi – "Dharpa", "Tribal Voice"
      • Adrian Bolland – Margaret Urlich – "Boy in the Moon", "Cover to Cover"; – Teen Queens – "Can't Help Myself", "Love How You Love Me"
      • Doug Brady – 1927 – "Scars"; – Eve – "What a Lover"; – Lisa Edwards – "Cry", "So Dangerous"
      • Doug Roberts – Stephen Cummings – "Keep the Ball Rolling"
      • Niven Garland – INXS – "Baby Don't Cry", "Heaven Sent", "Taste It"

Special Achievement Award[edit]

ARIA Hall of Fame inductees[edit]

The Hall Of Fame inductees were:



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