ARIA Music Awards of 2004

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2004 ARIA Music Awards
Date 17 October 2004 (2004-10-17)
Venue Sydney Superdome,
Sydney, New South Wales
Television/radio coverage
Network Network Ten

The 18th Annual Australian Recording Industry Association Music Awards (generally known as ARIA Music Awards or simply the ARIAs) were held on 17 October 2004 at the Sydney Superdome within the Sydney Olympic Complex. The ceremony, hosted by Rove McManus and produced by Roving Enterprises for Network Ten, was held for the first time on a Sunday night and averaged 1.39 million viewers.[1][2] The 2004 ARIA Fine Arts Awards had been presented at a ceremony weeks earlier.[3]


Winners highlighted in bold, with nominees, in plain, below them.[1]

ARIA Awards[edit]

Artisan Awards[edit]

Fine Arts Awards[edit]

For the first time, in 2004, the ARIA Fine Arts Awards were presented at a separate ceremony held weeks earlier.[3]

ARIA Hall of Fame inductee[edit]

1970s members of Little River Band: Beeb Birtles, David Briggs, Graeham Goble, George McArdle, Derek Pellicci and Glenn Shorrock, were inducted into the Hall of Fame.[4] The later members including fellow Australian, John Farnham, and US-based musicians, were not included in this induction.[4] Due to a 2002 legal ruling on their right to use the band's name—two US-based members held the trademark—they performed as Classic Lineup of the Little River Band or Little River Band – Classic Lineup (sources vary).[4] Shorrock had already been inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1991 and Farnham was inducted, for his solo work, in 2003.[5]


The following artists performed on stage during the 2004 ARIA Awards:

Channel V Oz Artist of the Year award[edit]

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