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The 25th Annual Australian Recording Industry Association Music Awards (generally known as ARIA Music Awards or simply The ARIAs) were a series of award ceremonies which included the 2011 ARIA Artisan Awards, ARIA Hall of Fame Awards, ARIA Fine Arts Awards and ARIA Awards. The latter ceremony took place on 27 November at the Allphones Arena, Sydney,[1][2] and was telecast on channel Go! at 7:30pm.[3] The final nominees for ARIA Award categories were announced on 11 October as well as nominees and winners for Fine Arts Awards and Artisan Awards.[1]

For the second time in ARIA Awards history, public votes were used for the categories, "Most Popular International Artist" and "Most Popular Australian Artist"; and for the first time for a new category "Most Popular Australian Live Artist".[1]

The ARIA Hall of Fame inducted Kylie Minogue and The Wiggles – including former member Greg Page – on 27 November at the same ceremony as the ARIA Awards.[1][4]

2011 ARIA Hall of Fame inductees
Kylie Minogue
Photo from April 2011 performance in Japan
The Wiggles
Photo from November 2007 performance in United States. 

Nominees and winners[edit]

ARIA Awards[edit]

Winners are listed first and highlighted in boldface.[2][5]

Brown-haired man wearing a white shirt singing to a microphone
Gotye won six awards.
A man wearing a red shirt with a black cap, looking directly at the camera
Drapht received seven nominations.
A black man singing into a mircophone
Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu received six nominations.
Eskimo Joe received six nominations.
A man wearing a black shirt, holding a guitar
Guy Sebastian received four nominations.
Album of the Year Single of the Year
Best Male Artist Best Female Artist
  • Gotye – "Somebody That I Used to Know"
    • Drapht – The Life of Riley
    • Gareth LiddiardStrange Tourist
    • Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu – Rrakala
    • Josh Pyke – "No One Wants a Lover"
Breakthrough Artist – Album[note 1] Breakthrough Artist – Single[note 1]
Highest Selling Album[note 1] Highest Selling Single[note 1]
  • Guy Sebastian featuring Eve – "Who's That Girl"
Best Group Best Independent Release
Best Children's Album Best Comedy Release
  • Hamish & AndyCelebrating 50 Glorious Years
    • Adam HillsInflatable
    • Buddy Goode – The One & Only Buddy Goode
    • Josh ThomasJosh Thomas Surprise Warehouse Comedy Festival
    • Tim MinchinTim Minchin & the Heritage Orchestra
Best Dance Release Best Pop Release
Best Adult Alternative Album Best Adult Contemporary Album
Best Blues & Roots Album Best Urban Album
Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album Best Rock Album
Best Country Album Most Popular Australian Live Artist[note 2]
Most Popular International Artist[note 2] Most Popular Australian Artist[note 2]
  • Birds of Tokyo
    • Altiyan Childs
    • Angus & Julia Stone
    • Drapht
    • Guy Sebastian
    • Jessica Mauboy
    • John Farnham
    • Justice Crew
    • Keith Urban
    • Stan Walker

Fine Arts Awards[edit]

Winners are listed first and highlighted in boldface.[2][note 3]

Best Classical Album
Best Jazz Album
  • Elixir featuring Katie NoonanFirst Seed Ripening
    • Alan Browne, Marc Hannaford, Sam Anning – Shrevport Stomp
    • Kristin Berardi and The Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra – Kristin Berardi meets The Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra
    • Sarah McKenzie – Don't Tempt Me
    • The Idea of NorthExtraordinary Tale
Best Original Soundtrack/Cast/Show Album
Best World Music Album
Best Music DVD[note 3]

Artisan Awards[edit]

Winners are listed first and highlighted in boldface.[2][note 4]

Best Cover Artist Best Video
  • Alter – Zonoscope
    • Aaron Hayward, David Homer, Debaser – The Experiment
    • Carlo Santone – Rrakala
    • David Homer, Aaron Hayward, Debaser – Billy Thorpe's Tangier
    • Ken DoneGreat Barrier Grief
  • Natasha Pincus – "Somebody That I Used to Know"
    • Bart Borghesi – "Love Is a Drug"
    • Carlo Santone – "Gopuru"
    • David Michod, Flood Projects – "Loveless"
    • Guy Franklin – "Cameo Lover"
Engineer of the Year Producer of the Year
  • François Tétaz – "Somebody That I Used to Know"
    • Dave Parkin – "Rapunzel"
    • Greg Clarke – Billy Thorpe's Tangier
    • Matt Lovell – Ghosts of the Past
    • Wayne Connolly – "No One Wants a Lover"
  • Wally De Backer – "Somebody That I Used to Know"
    • Boy & Bear – Moonfire
    • Daniel Denholm – Billy Thorpe's Tangier
    • Eskimo Joe – Ghosts of the Past
    • Wayne Connolly, Josh Pyke – "No One Wants a Lover"

ARIA Hall of Fame Inductees[edit]

The ARIA Hall of Fame induction occurred on 27 November 2011 as part of the overall ARIA Music Awards.[1] Molly Meldrum introduced Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, who inducted Kylie Minogue; while actor, David Wenham, inducted The Wiggles – including former member Greg Page.[2][3][4][6]

Presenters and performers[edit]



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