ARITH Symposium on Computer Arithmetic

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The IEEE International Symposium on Computer Arithmetic (ARITH) is a conference in the area of computer arithmetic.[1] The symposium was established in 1969, initially as three-year event, then as a biennial event, and, finally, from 2015 as an annual symposium.

ARITH topics span from theoretical aspects and algorithms for operations, to hardware implementations of arithmetic units and applications of computer arithmetic.

ARITH symposia are sponsored by IEEE Computer Society.

List of ARITH symposia[edit]

Edition Date Location Website
27th 2020-06-07/10 Portland, Oregon, USA
26th 2019-06-10/12 Kyoto, Japan ARITH 26
25th 2018-06-25/27 Amherst, Massachusetts, USA ARITH 25
24th 2017-07-24/26 London, UK ARITH 24
23rd 2016-07-10/13 Santa Clara, California, USA ARITH 23
22nd 2015-06-22/24 Lyon, France ARITH 22
21st 2013-04-07/10 Austin, Texas, USA ARITH 21
20th 2011-07-25/27 Tübingen, Germany ARITH 20
19th 2009-06-08/10 Portland, Oregon, USA ARITH 19
18th 2007-06-25/27 Montpellier, France ARITH 18
17th 2005-06-27/29 Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA
16th 2003-06-15/18 Santiago de Compostela, Spain
15th 2001-06-11/13 Vail, Colorado, USA
14th 1999-04-14/16 Adelaide, Australia ARITH 14
13th 1997-07-06/09 Asilomar, Pacific Grove, California, USA
12th 1995-07-19/21 Bath, UK
11th 1993-06-29 to 1993-07-02 Windsor, Ontario, Canada
10th 1991-06-26/28 Grenoble, France
9th 1989-09-06/08 Santa Monica, California, USA
8th 1987-05-19/21 Como, Italy
7th 1985-06-04/06 Urbana, Illinois, USA
6th 1983-06-20/22 Aarhus, Denmark
5th 1981-05-18/19 Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
4th 1978-10-25/26 Santa Monica, California, USA
3rd 1975-11-19/20 Dallas, Texas, USA
2nd 1972-05-15/16 College Park, Maryland, USA
1st 1969-06-16 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA