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ARM express was a line of products from Coridium that are pin compatible with the BASIC Stamp. The ARM express line has been replaced with a system on a chip based on the NXP LPC1114 ARM microcontroller programmable in the ARMbasic dialect of BASIC, C, and Oberon. A compiler converts a high-level language into binary code which is then loaded into flash and then executed.

The product line consists of:

  • BASICchip - DIP28 System on a chip programmable in BASIC
  • ARMmite, a single board controller with a built-in USB interface
  • PRO family, a line of devices footprint-compatible with the Arduino, with up to 100 MHz Cortex ARM processors
  • Board-level products, such as for web servers and industrial controls, etc.

ARMbasic may be added to other projects with standalone compilers and licensed BASIC firmware support.

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