ARP Avatar

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ARP Avatar
Manufacturer ARP Instruments, Inc.
Dates 1977
Price US $3000 [1]
Technical specifications
Polyphony Monophonic
Timbrality Monotimbral
Oscillator 2
LFO Sine, Square
Synthesis type Analog Subtractive
Attenuator ADSR, AR
Storage memory none
Effects 1
Keyboard none
External control CV/Gate

The ARP Avatar was a guitar-controlled synthesizer (guitar synthesizer), manufactured by ARP Instruments, Inc. beginning in 1977. While innovative, being one of the first commercial guitar-controlled synthesizers, it was a commercial flop for ARP, and is widely blamed for causing the financial collapse of the company.

Nearly $4 million[citation needed] was spent in the first year on production and R&D for the Avatar, and the $3,000 machine sold only about $1 million worth of units[citation needed] over its lifespan. Guitarists were not quick to adopt the new technology, mostly due to the unit's price and technical eccentricities. The Avatar, however, did find a few advocates and paved the way for more successful guitar synthesizers. Because of its architecture - essentially an ARP Odyssey with a 6-way "fuzzbox" distortion effect - it has regained a little stature among collectors as a standalone synthesizer.


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