ARP String Synthesizer

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String Synthesizer
Solina String Synthesizer (right).jpg
Solina String Synthesizer (partially)
Manufacturer ARP Instruments, Inc., Eminent B.V.
Dates 1975
Technical specifications
Polyphony 16
Oscillator 1
Synthesis type Analog Subtractive
Filter yes
Attenuator ADSR
Storage memory none
Keyboard 49-key
External control CV/Gate

The ARP String Synthesizer, also known as the ARP Solina String Synthesizer or sometimes the Solina String Synthesizer, is an ARP Instruments, Inc. synthesizer. It is a hybrid model which combined both the ARP String Ensemble and the ARP Explorer monophonic synthesizer. It was built in Bodegraven, Netherlands. Supposedly only about 100 were ever produced.[1] The addition of the ARP Explorer to the Solina string sounds made for a very powerful combination.

This synth had four keyboard modes:

  • Strings Only
  • Strings through the Explorer low-pass filter
  • Explorer voice combined with the lower Solina keyboard (contrabass and cello)
  • Explorer voice combined with the upper Solina keyboard (viola, violin, trumpet, horn)


Solina C112

The manufacturer of Solina series, Eminent B.V., also shipped a home organ model, named Solina C112 (with "Explore I" logo), which included the ARP String Synthesizer.[citation needed]


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