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BMC Remedy Mid-Tier
Developer(s) BMC Software
Stable release
9.0 / April, 2015
Operating system MS Windows; AIX, HP-UX, GNU/Linux, Solaris
Type software application development environment
License Proprietary

BMC Remedy Mid-Tier is a server component in the Action Request System architecture produced by BMC Software. It is designed to serve ARS applications and related items across the Internet and make them accessible for web based clients.

Mid-Tier is itself not a client, as a server component it connects to an ARS server that contains the applications and related workflow; it translates client requests, interprets responses from the server, handles web service requests, and runs server-side processes. It cannot work without an AR System server. Typical clients of Mid-Tier are web browsers and web service based applications. An administrator does not have to design web pages specific for the web client as forms via the Mid-Tier are shown exactly as they are originally designed via the AR System Administrator.

Mid-Tier translates the AR forms into a JSP page for the users to navigate and interact with the server. Apache Tomcat, JBOSS, Oracle WebLogic Server and Microsoft IIS (bundled with ISAPI filter) are some of the web servers supported by the Mid-Tier. Mid-Tier will run as an application on the web server and serves the AR forms to the users.

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