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AS, As, A/S or similar may refer to:


Art, entertainment, and media[edit]

Business legal structures[edit]

Computers and Internet[edit]

  • as (Unix), generic name for the assembler program as used on Unix systems
  • .as, the Internet country code top-level domain for American Samoa
  • ActionScript, a programming language originally developed by Macromedia and currently by Adobe for developing Flash and Flex applications
  • Alpha Sapphire, a Pokémon video game
  • Authentication server, a server that provides authentication services to users
  • Autonomous system (Internet), a collection of IP networks

Math and science[edit]

  • Abramowitz and Stegun, a mathematical reference work
  • Almost surely or a.s., in probability theory, an event with probability 1
  • Arcsecond, 160 arcminute, a unit of angular measurement
  • Arsenic (As), the element of atomic number 33
  • Associate of Science, an American Associate degree
  • Attosecond or as, one trillionth (long scale) (10−18) or one quintillionth (short scale) (10−18) of a second, a unit of time
  • Attosiemens or aS, one trillionth (long scale) (10−18) or one quintillionth (short scale) (10−18) of a siemens, a unit of electric conductance




Other uses[edit]

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