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The ASE Market Capitalization Weighted Index is a stock index of the Amman Stock Exchange in Jordan. The ASE Weighted Index is one of two principal stock indices on the exchange, the other being the ASE Unweighted Price Index.

The ASE Unweighted Index was created in 1980 and was very successful. The ASE went on to create a weighted index in 1992. The weighted index, whose constituents are listed below, attaches a value to each stock price based on the total market capitalisation of each stock; that is, the total amount of money the stock is worth on the stock market. The Unweighted Index calculates an index value based on the price alone.

Index listings[edit]

Both the weighted and unweighted indices use the same list of stocks. The constituents of the ASE indices are evaluated each year. The 70 stocks listed here are the 2007 version of the index. They are categorized by sector: banking sector, insurance sector, service sector and industrial sector. The lists are alphabetized by stock symbol.

Banking sector[edit]

Symbol Company Notes
ABCO Arab Banking Corporation/Jordan
AJIB Arab Jordan Investment Bank
ARBK Arab Bank
BOJX Bank of Jordan
CABK Cairo Amman Bank
EXFB Capital Bank of Jordan
JIFB Jordan Investment and Finance Bank
JOGB Jordan Commercial Bank
JOIB Jordan Islamic Bank for Finance and Investment
JOKB Jordan Kuwait Bank
JONB Jordan National Bank
THBK The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance
UBSI Union Bank for Savings and Investment

Insurance sector[edit]

Symbol Company Notes
AAIN Al-Nisr Al-Arabi Insurance
AIUI Arab Union International Insurance
ARAI Arab American Takaful Insurance
ARAS The Arab Assurers
JIJC Jordan International Insurance
JOIN Jordan Insurance
MEIN Middle East Insurance

Service sector[edit]

Symbol Company Notes
AAFI Al-Amin for Investment
ABMS Al-Bilad Medical Services
AEIV Arab East Investment
AIHO Arab International Hotels
AMAL Al-Amal Investment
AMWL Portfolio Management and Investment Services
ARED Arab Real Estate Development
BAMB Beit El Mal Savings and Investment for Housing
EMAR Emmar Investments and Real Estate Development
IBFM International Brokerage and Financial Markets
ICMI International for Medical Investment
ITSC Ittihad Schools
JEIH Jordanian Expatriate Investment Holding
JETT Jordan Express Tourism Transport
JOEP Jordanian Electric Power
JOIT Jordan Investment Trust
JNTH Al-Tajamouat for Catering and Housing
JTEL Jordan Telecom
MERM Al-Tajamouat for Touristic Projects
NAQL Transport and Investment Barter
NPSC National Portfolio Securities
PRES Jordan Press Foundation/Alra'i
REAL Arab East for Real Estate Investments
REDV Real Estate Development
REIN Real Estate Investment
SHIP Jordan National Shipping Lines
SITT Salam International Transport and Trading
SPIC Specialized Investment Compounds
TAMR Jordan Tammer
UAIC United Arab Investors
ULDC Union Land Development Corporation
Al Dawliya for Hotels & Malls
Al-Sharq Investments Projects
Amad and Handi Housing
Arab International for Investment and Education
Comprehensive Land Development Land and Investment
Consulting and Investment Group
International Arabian Development and Investment Trading
Investors and Eastern Arab for Industrial and Real Estate Investments
Jordan Investment and Tourism Transport (Alfa)
Jordan Loan Guarantee Association
Jordanian Real Estate for Development
The Real Estate and Investment Portfolio
Specialized Trading and Investment
Zara Investment Holding

Industrial sector[edit]

Symbol Company Notes
AALU Arab Aluminium Industry
ACDT Arab Chemical Detergents Industries
AIFF The Arab International Food Factories
APMC Arab Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
APOT Arab Potash
CEBC Al Faris National Company for Investment and Export
DADI Dar al Dawa Development and Investment
ELZA El-Zay Ready Wear Manufacturing
FNVO First National Vegetable Oil
IENG Rum Metal Industries
ITCC International Tobacco and Cigarettes
JNCC Jordan New Cable
JOCF Jordan Ceramic Industries
JOCM The Jordan Cement Factories
JOIR Industrial Resources
JOPH Jordan Phosphate Mines
JOPI The Jordan Pipes Manufacturing
JOPT Jordan Petroleum Refinery
JOST Jordan Steel
JOWM The Jordan Worsted Mills
MECE Middle East Complex for Engineering
NATA National Aluminium Industrial
NATC National Chlorine
NAST National Steel Industry
RMCC Ready Mix Concrete and Construction Supplies
UMIC Universal Modern Industries
UTOB Union Tobacco
WIRE National Cable and Wire Manufacturing
Al-Quds Ready Mix
Century Investment Group
Comprehensive Multiple Projects
The Industrial Commercial and Agricultural
Jordan Pharmacy Manufacturing
Middle East Pharmaceutical Industries
Union Chemical and Vegetable Oil Industries

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