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ASM-One screenshot

ASM-One is an integrated macro assembler for the Amiga computer and Motorola 680x0 processor. ASM-One was developed by Rune Gram-Madsen (Also known as Promax from the Amiga demo group Kefrens) in 1990 and released through the German publisher DMV-Verlag in 1991. It was distributed with either an English or German manual. The price of the assembler was 139 DM (71 €). The last copies were sold in 1992.

Program features[edit]

  • fully integrated development package with fullscreen-editor, assembler, monitor and debugger
  • written entirely in assembly language; very light (about 90 kbytes) and fast
  • operation via keyboard or mouse
  • can create standard object modules to be linked with Blink
  • assembler provides macro capabilities, include-files and peephole-optimizer
  • crash-recovery via level-7-interrupt
  • includes Amiga includes and offset tables


Before the source code was made public a group called TFA from the Amiga Scene took over working on the assembler without commercial intent.

The original (commercial) releases were 1.0, 1.01 and 1.02.

After the publisher stopped distribution, the assembler was disassembled and extensions where added by TFA, released without changing the name.

Other spin offs (Trash'm One, AsmPro being the two most known) started to appear as well, which were all based on either the original V1.02 or a disassembled version of AsmOne with TFA's extensions.

TFA added compilation, debugging and runtime support for MC68010, MC68020, MC68030, MC68040, MC68881, MC68882.

In 1995 TFA members introduced ReTargetable Graphics support and PowerPC (PPC)

Development continues as a hobbyproject by TFA.[1] The program is currently[when?] at V1.48. (Beta version is 1.49.)

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