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Its original facilities were built in 1998, and ASPIRA opened in 1999. "ASPIRA" is Spanish for "aspire," and most of the school's students are Latino.

An official dedication ceremony held in March, 2000, featured Puerto-Rican-born actor Jimmy Smits. The LA Law and NYPD Blue star recounted how he benefited as a child from a scholarship for Puerto Rican students and urged more positive portrayals of Latinos in popular culture. He cut the ceremonial ribbon with a cry of "Viva la educación!"[1]

Name changing[edit]

To honour the memory of the former President of ASPIRA of Florida, Raúl Martinez, the school name was officially changed by the governing board to ASPIRA Raúl Arnaldo Martinez Charter School.

Academic performance[edit]

School grades[edit]

  • Year 2012-13: A
  • Year 2011-12: B
  • Year 2010-11: B
  • Year 2009-10: C
  • Year 2008-09: C
  • Year 2007-08: C
  • Year 2006-07: B
  • Year 2005-06: A
  • Year 2003-04: C
  • Year 2002-03: B


  1. ^ "Miami Charter School Earns A Star (Jimmy Smits) For Its Ceremonial Dedication," Carol Rosenberg, The Miami Herald, March 16, 2000.

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