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Privately held
Industry Telecommunications software and services
Founded 2003
Headquarters Redwood City, California, United States
Area served
Key people
John Cioffi, CEO
Products Broadband and Wi-Fi management software and services for telecommunications service providers and consumers
Number of employees
160 (2013)

ASSIA, Inc. (pronunciation: [asɪa]) is a company that develops and sells products and software for managing broadband networks and residential Wi-Fi networks. “ASSIA” is an acronym for “adaptive spectrum and signal alignment.”


ASSIA was founded in 2003 by John Cioffi, an American electrical engineer who has carried out extensive research in the area of DSL.[1] Cioffi has more than 400 publications and more than 100 pending or issued patents.[2][3]

ASSIA is privately held. Its owners include AT&T, Mingly China Growth Fund, SFR Development, Sandalwood Partners, Sofinnova Ventures, Stanford University, Swisscom Ventures, Telefónica, and T-Ventures.[4]

ASSIA's customers include telecommunication service providers in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, and now has more than 70 million DSLs under contract worldwide.[5][6]

Dynamic spectrum management[edit]

ASSIA is interested in the field of dynamic spectrum management (DSM), a standards-based software approach to optimizing broadband performance.[7]

Recent awards[edit]

  • 2013 Broadband InfoVision Awards, 2013: ASSIA DSL Expresse 3.3 release received the Highly Commended awards.[8]
  • 2013 Best In Biz 2013: ASSIA Smart Vectoring Solutions received the gold award for the Best New Product of the Year.[9]
  • 2012 Communications Technology Platinum Award, October 1, 2012; ASSIA DSL Expresse received the platinum award for Best Data Communications Equipment or Service.[10]
  • InfoVision Asia Award for Broadband Access Technology of the Year, May 23, 2012; ASSIA was recognized at the Broadband-IP&TV Asia Conference for delivering the first mobile application for DSL network management.[11]
  • Broadband InfoVision 2011 Award at Broadband World Forum 2011, September 28, 2011; ASSIA won the award for Broadband Access Network Technologies and Services – Fixed, with its flagship product, ASSIA DSL Expresse.[12]

Board of directors[edit]

  • John M. Cioffi, CEO and Chairman of the Board, ASSIA
  • Assia Cioffi, Executive Vice President, ASSIA
  • Reed E. Hundt, Independent Board Member
  • Doug King, Independent Board Member
  • Daniel T. Lee, General Manager, eBay Global Development Centers
  • Ana Segurado, Telefónica
  • Olivier Sichel, Chairman and CEO of


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