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Privately held
Industry Telecommunications software and services
Founded 2003
Headquarters Redwood City, California, United States
Area served
Key people
John Cioffi, CEO
Products Broadband and Wi-Fi management software and services for telecommunications service providers and consumers
Number of employees
160 (2013)

ASSIA, Inc. (pronunciation: [asɪa]) is a company that develops and sells products and software for managing broadband networks and residential Wi-Fi networks. “ASSIA” is an acronym for “adaptive spectrum and signal alignment.”

ASSIA was founded in 2003 by Dr. John Cioffi, an American electrical engineer who has carried out extensive research in the area of DSL.[1] Cioffi has more than 400 publications and more than 100 pending or issued patents.[2][3]

ASSIA is privately held. Its owners include AT&T, Mingly China Growth Fund, SFR Development, Sandalwood Partners, Sofinnova Ventures, Stanford University, Swisscom Ventures, Telefónica, and T-Ventures.[4]

ASSIA's customers include telecommunication service providers in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, and now has more than 70 million DSLs under contract worldwide.[5][6]

Dynamic spectrum management[edit]

ASSIA is interested in the field of dynamic spectrum management (DSM), a standards-based software approach to optimizing broadband performance. [7]

Recent awards[edit]

  • 2013 Broadband InfoVision Awards, 2013: ASSIA DSL Expresse 3.3 release received the Highly Commended awards.[8]
  • 2013 Best In Biz 2013: ASSIA Smart Vectoring Solutions received the gold award for the Best New Product of the Year.[9]
  • 2012 Communications Technology Platinum Award, October 1, 2012; ASSIA DSL Expresse received the platinum award for Best Data Communications Equipment or Service.[10]
  • InfoVision Asia Award for Broadband Access Technology of the Year, May 23, 2012; ASSIA was recognized at the Broadband-IP&TV Asia Conference for delivering the first mobile application for DSL network management.[11]
  • Broadband InfoVision 2011 Award at Broadband World Forum 2011, September 28, 2011; ASSIA won the award for Broadband Access Network Technologies and Services – Fixed, with its flagship product, ASSIA DSL Expresse.[12]

Board of directors[edit]

  • John M. Cioffi, CEO and Chairman of the Board, ASSIA
  • Assia Cioffi, Executive Vice President, ASSIA
  • Reed E. Hundt, Independent Board Member
  • Doug King, Independent Board Member
  • Daniel T. Lee, General Manager, eBay Global Development Centers
  • Ana Segurado, Telefónica
  • Olivier Sichel, Chairman and CEO of


  • John M. Cioffi, CEO and Chairman of the Board
  • Jim Wheat, CFO and Vice President of Finance and Administration
  • Philip Bednarz, Executive Vice President of Product Development
  • Assia Cioffi, Executive Vice President
  • Marc Goldburg, Executive Vice President and CTO
  • Mary A. Fuller, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
  • Tuncay Cil, Senior Vice President of Business Development
  • Anthony Hill, Senior Vice President of Global Sales
  • George Ginis, Senior Vice President of Marketing
  • Steve Welch, Senior Vice President of Opportunity Development


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