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ASTAR is a fictional golden humanoid robot. The character was created in the 1980s by the Canadian amputee charitable organization The War Amps and is featured in material for their PLAYSAFE program to educate children about safety.

The original televised segment featured a performer in an elaborate costume as ASTAR performing acrobatic stunts in a world full of dangerous machines. After evading various threats such as electrical hazards and moving blades, ASTAR eventually makes a mistake causing his arm to be amputated by a large rotating saw. He then picks up his severed arm and reattaches it with ease. The segment ends with ASTAR giving the warning:

I am ASTAR, a robot. I can put my arm back on. You can't. So play safe!

The above warning is now part of Canadian popular culture for those who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s. In a 2000 remake of the segment, ASTAR is now an animated CG character, and the warning is altered slightly to "I am ASTAR, a robot from Planet Danger. I can put my arm back on. You can't. So play safe!"

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