ASUNARO: Action for Youth Rights of Korea

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ASUNARO: Action for Youth Rights of Korea
청소년인권행동 아수나로
Asunaro logo.png
Formation 2004
Type NGO, NPO (De facto)
Purpose Youth rights, Student rights
Headquarters None
around 9,000
Active member
around 60
ASUNARO: Action for Youth Rights of Korea
Hangul 청소년인권행동 아수나로
Hanja 靑少年人權行動 아수나로
Revised Romanization Cheongsonyeoningwonhaengdong Asunaro
McCune–Reischauer ch'ŏngsonyŏninkwŏnhaengtong Asunaro

The ASUNARO: Action for Youth Rights of Korea (Korean: 청소년인권행동 아수나로), also known as Asunaro is a youth rights organization based in South Korea.[1] The Asunaro was established in 2004 a small forum of the name of Asunaro: Research Forum for Youth Rights, the name was changed to ASUNARO: Action for Youth Rights of Korea in February 2006.[2]

As Asunaro aims to build an equal, democratic society, there are no central departments or representatives. Usually many teams work on a national scale for specific needs, but people in the teams does not represent Asunaro workers and anyone can work in the teams. If needed, a few people will be elected and be in charge for the job.

Every local branches are at the equal terms. Currently, there are 6 local branches,[3] 4 local semi-branches,[4] and several other local communities.

The name Asunaro originated from the imaginary youth organization in the novel Kibō no Kuni no Exodus by Ryū Murakami.[2]


The Asunaro published a book entitled the Meo-Pi-In (ISBN 9788991402317) about youth rights in 2009.

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