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The ASU Indian Family is a trio of mascots for Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The family consists of Chief Big Track (named for a prominent Osage chief), an unnamed brave and an unnamed princess. It is one of the few trios of athletics mascots for a university.

The tradition, which had been dormant for years, was revived in 1996 by new athletic director Barry Dowd. During the process of reviving the tradition, Dowd sought permission and advice from the Cherokee and other local tribes on attire, dance and appearance. The various groups which restarted the tradition, including a former "Brave" and "Princess," were responsible for the creation of all outfits. The beadwork was done by the Cherokee as well as tribes from Texas.

Today the Family is run by the ASU Spirit Club, a joint venture of the school's Student Athletic Board and Student Government Association. The Family served their last performance as mascots of Arkansas State University during the last game of the 2008 men's basketball season, during a mascot retirement ceremony at halftime.


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