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10308 "Standard Métallique" maneuvering at the museum
Tram map of Tramway Lobbes Thuin

The ASVi is a tramway museum in Thuin in Belgium, which specialises in the history of the Belgian narrow gauge Vicinal system. The museum includes an operating museum tram line which runs from Thuin to Lobbes.

The metre gauge historic tram line is made of two sections :

  • a part of the former vicinal tramway line Thuin - Anderlues (lines 91 and 92). This line was part of the famous and extensive Belgian vicinal tramway network which once covered the whole country ;
  • a part of the SNCB normal gauge line (line 109 Mons - Chimay) which was converted to metric gauge and equipped with an overhead line for power supply.

Description of the historic line[edit]

Leaving the Thuin museum, the line follows first the former SNCB line, and then follows the "avenue de la Couture" towards the cemetery of Thuin and a bridge to cross the Sambre. Then it goes down along the SNCB railway and reaches Lobbes Pont du Nord where it crosses Route Nationale 559. Then it goes around Lobbes along a western itinerary to reach the station Lobbes Hôtel de Ville. From there, the line turns again towards RN 559 to reach it at the level of the station Lobbes Entreville ; from there the line is on the west side of this road to the terminus of Lobbes Bonniers. This northern section is one of the last electrified roadside sections of tramway which remains in Belgium.

From avenue de la Couture, a section of the former vicinal also allows to reach the lower part of Thuin on the banks of Sambre.

In August 2010, a 3 km extension to Biesme-sous-Thuin has been inaugurated. It is established on the platform of the former SNCB line from Mons to Chimay.

Rolling stock[edit]

In the museum - from left to right, 10409 "PCC", A.9073 and HL303

The collection also includes a PCC streetcar which has quite an uncommon story. It is part of a first series of 24 cars built for Belgium in 1950, which were transferred to Belgrade in 1960. One model of this iconic vehicle was brought back to Belgium in 1986.

In working order[edit]

ASVi # Type Manufacturer Year
AR.86 Railcar SNCV Brabant 1934 AR.86
ART.300 Railcar SNCV Andenne 1947
A.9073 M2 Electricité et Hydraulique 1901 A.9073
A.9515 M2 Le Rœulx 1918 A.9515
9924 M2 La Dyle à Louvain 1931 9924
9974 "Type SE" M4 SNCV Brabant 1958 9974 "Type SE"
10284 "Type Eugies" M4 Braine-le-Comte 1936
10308 "Standard Métallique" M4 Baume et Marpent 1942 10308 "Standard Métallique"
10409 "PCC" M4 La Brugeoise & Nicaise & Delcuve 1949 10409 "PCC"
10480 "Type N" M4 SNCV Cureghem 1954 10480 "Type N"

Out of order[edit]

ASVi # Type Manufacturer Year Condition
HL303 Type 7 La Métallurgique à Tubize 1888 Under restoration HL303
A.9385 "Type Manage" M2 Franco-Belge 1910 Under restoration
9598 M2 SNCV Eugies 1951 To be restored
9603 M2 Seneffe 1919 To be restored
9888 M2 Franco-Belge à La Croyère 1930 Under restoration
9963 "Fourgon-moteur" M2 Godarville 1916 Under restoration
9984 "Standard Bois" M4 Braine-le-Comte 1932 To be restored
9063 "Type S" M4 SNCV Brabant 1956 To be restored
10393 "BLC" M4 Braine-le-Comte 1949 To be restored

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