AS Carrefour

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AS Carrefour
AS Carrefour.png
Full name Association Sportive Carrefour
Founded 15 February 2000 (2000-02-15)[1][2]
Manager Jean-Claude Josephat
League Championnat National D3[3]
2014 Championnat National D2, 37th (relegated)

Association Sportive de Carrefour (French pronunciation: ​[a.sɔ.sja.sjɔ̃ spɔrtɪv kaʁfuʁ]; commonly referred to as AS Carrefour or ASCAR[4]) is a professional football club based in Carrefour, Haiti. The club was promoted to the highest division of Haitian football for the first time in 2002.[5] After 2011, Carrefour was relegated to Division 2,[6] and again to Division 3 concluding the 2014 season.[3]


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