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AT&T refers to several related companies providing telecommunications services:

  • History of AT&T, a history of the various companies using this name, including:
    • AT&T Corporation, the original AT&T founded 1885 (formerly American Telephone & Telegraph), now a subsidiary of AT&T, Inc.
    • Bell System, known as Ma Bell, AT&T Corporation's system of companies that held a monopoly on phone service in the US for most of the 20th century
    • Regional Bell Operating Company, known as Baby Bells, the companies formed from AT&T Corporations's 1984 split
    • AT&T, Inc., the current company providing a wide range of telecommunications service, originally one of the Baby Bells which acquired other systems, and formerly known as Southwestern Bell Corporation (SBC)

AT&T may also refer to:


  • AT&T Bell Laboratories, a former research & development subsidiary of AT&T
  • AT&T Corporation, the original AT&T founded 1885 (formerly American Telephone & Telegraph), purchased by SBC in 2005
    • AT&T Information Systems, founded 1982 (formerly American Bell), an unregulated business subsidiary of AT&T Corp.
    • Alascom dba AT&T Alascom, founded 1900 (formerly Washington-Alaska Military Cable and Telegraph System), a long-distance company
  • AT&T Labs, founded 1988 (formerly Southwestern Bell Technology Resources), the R&D division of AT&T Inc.
    • AT&T Laboratories, founded 1925 as part of Bell Labs and AT&T Corp., later spun off and now absorbed into AT&T Labs
  • AT&T Communications (formerly AT&T Long Lines), an operating company serving the regions of the Bell Operating Companies
    • AT&T CallVantage, a voice-over-internet-protocol service formerly offered by AT&T Corp. and then AT&T Inc.
  • AT&T Mobility, the wireless provider subsidiary of AT&T Inc. (formerly Cingular Wireless)
  • AT&T Technologies, founded 1983, a telephone producer, the postdivestiture successor to Western Electric
  • AT&T Broadband, founded 1999 (now part of Comcast), once the largest U.S. provider of cable television services
  • Advanced American Telephones, founded 1983, a manufacturer of AT&T branded phones (formerly AT&T Consumer Products)
  • Bell Labs, founded 1925 (formerly also called Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc., and later AT&T Bell Laboratories), a Nobel Prize–winning research and development organization
  • Lucent, founded 1983 (now part of Alcatel-Lucent), the primary successor to Bell Labs and AT&T Technologies



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