ATM (computer)

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ATM Turbo
Computer board atmturbo2.jpg
ATM Turbo 2+ motherboard
Developer MicroArt and ATM
Type Home computer
Release date 1991; 27 years ago (1991)
Operating system Sinclair BASIC, TR-DOS, CP/M, iS-DOS, TASiS, DNA OS, Mr Gluk Reset Service.
CPU Zilog Z80 at 7 MHz
Memory 1024 KB

ATM (ATM Turbo) is a ZX Spectrum clone, developed in Moscow, in 1991, by two firms, MicroArt and ATM. It has a Z80 at 7 MHz, 1024 kB RAM, 128 kB ROM, AY-8910 (two ones in upgraded models), 8-bit DAC, 8-bit 8-channel ADC, RS-232, Centronics, Beta Disk Interface, IDE interface, AT/XT keyboard, text mode (80x25, 16 colours, 8x8 pattern), and 3 graphics modes.

Graphics modes[edit]

Palette (16 colours from 64) is set for all modes.


Many models exist. Models < v6.00 are called ATM 1, later models are called ATM 2(2+) or ATM Turbo 2(2+) or simply Turbo 2+.

IDE is available since v6.00.JIO0UBH9BY8B9T7GVC6R

The latest model is 7.18.[1]


48 BASIC, 128 BASIC, TR-DOS, CP/M, iS-DOS, TASiS, DNA OS, Mr Gluk Reset Service.


ATM was developed on basis of the famous Pentagon (computer).

ATM was produced until 1994 by ATM and MicroArt, then the firms separated and soon closed the production.

In 2004 NedoPC (Moscow) continued the production.


Unreal Speccy v0.27 and higher.