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ATOMKI main entrance

ATOMKI is the Institute for Nuclear Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The institute is located in Debrecen and was established in 1954 by Sándor Szalay, the founding director.

ATOMKI became independent from the Institute of Experimental Physics of the Kossuth Lajos University (presently called University of Debrecen), where Sándor Szalay started and directed nuclear physics research for decades. At present, the main research fields of Atomki are atom-, nuclear-, and particle physics, ion beam analytics, technique of detection and signal processing, environmental analytics, radioactive dating, radiochemistry, and solid state physics. The director is Zsolt Dombrádi, D.Sc.

Some of its buildings were originally the National Orphanage for Teachers' Children, built in 1917.[1]

Accelerators of ATOMKI (Lovas, 2004)
When Type Purpose
1961–1978 800 kV cascade accelerator nuclear reactions
1978–1992 same electron-atom collisions
1961–1984 300 kV neutron generator neutron physics
1971- 1 MV Van de Graaff-accelerator atomic collisions
1971- 5 MV Van de Graaff-accelerator nuclear physics
atomic collisions
1985- cyclotron (~18 MeV for proton) nuclear physics
production of isotopes
testing of materials
1997- electron-cyclotron resonance ion source plasma physics
atomic physics
2014- Tandetron nuclear physics

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47°32′37″N 21°37′31″E / 47.54369819601174°N 21.625223951786353°E / 47.54369819601174; 21.625223951786353