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Single by Atari Teenage Riot
from the album Delete Yourself!
B-side "Midijunkies"
Released 1993
Format CD/12"vinyl/Cassette
Label Phonogram
Songwriter(s) A Wilke, C Crack, K Boehm
Producer(s) Alec Empire
Atari Teenage Riot singles chronology
"Raver Bashing"
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"Raver Bashing"

"ATR" ("Atari Teenage Riot") is a song by Atari Teenage Riot, released as their first single in 1993. It was later included on their debut album Delete Yourself!.

Track listings[edit]

CD version
  1. "ATR"
  2. "ATR" (Urban Riot Mix)
  3. "Midi Junkies"
  4. "Midi Junkies" (Berlin Mix)
Cassette version
  1. "ATR" - 3:09
  2. "ATR" (Urban Riot Mix) - 3:08
  3. "Midi Junkies" - 5:02
  4. "Midi Junkies" (Berlin Mix) - 6:20
  5. "ATR" (Radio Bleep Version) - 3:09
12" vinyl
  • Side A
    1. "ATR"
    2. "ATR" (Urban Riot Mix)
  • Side B
    1. "Midi Junkies"
    2. "Midi Junkies" (Berlin Mix)
12" vinyl promo
  • Side A
    • "ATR" (Urban Riot Mix)
  • Side B
    • "Midijunkies" (Berlin Mix)

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