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Atv logo 2018.png
Launched 1989
Owned by Broadcast Projekt Kft. (Hungary), Woodham Enterprise Ltd. (Panama)
Audience share 2,7% (4+, 2012,
Country Hungary
Broadcast area National; also distributed in Romania and Slovakia
Headquarters Kőrösi Csoma Sándor út 19. 1102, Budapest
Formerly called Agro Tv, Magyar ATV

ATV (formerly known as Magyar ATV) is the first Hungarian private TV channel, broadcasting continuously since 1989. The focus of programming is news, public life, current events. Licensed as a partially public service commercial television station, it is obliged to broadcasting public interest programs (news, current affairs, sports, religion) 50% of the time.[citation needed] Because of this special status, the channel is eligible to apply for grants from the government and the radio and television authority. As of 2003 the owner of the channel is the Hungarian Faith Church.[1]

Current programs[edit]

  • The 700 Club (with Hungarian dubbing)
  • A nap híre (The News of Day) - political investigation program
  • ATV Híradó (ATV News)
  • ATV Start - breakfast television program
  • Az bemutatja ( presents)
  • CSATT (BANG) - political discussion
  • Csisztu 24 -
  • Egyenes beszéd (Straight Talk)
  • Esti Frizbi (Evening Frisbee) - talkshow with Péter Hajdú
  • Havas a pályán (Havas on the track) - political discussion and opinion program with journalist Henrik Havas
  • Kipa (Kippah) - program about life of Jews in Hungary and about Israel



The channel is criticized about its non-government-friendly programs and left-wing or liberal presenters.[2]